Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects is an international architecture firm headquartered in Chicago, formed as a result of a merger. The new company needed a website that matched its new identity and demonstrated their breadth of experience. Tasked with creating something unique yet still manageable, Hype produced Drafting Table, a WordPress theme focused on photography and motion.


Born from a desire to deliver portfolio pieces as a narrative, the default project view moves visitors down a timeline of text and media. Smooth transitions between items are done entirely in CSS.


Drafting Table provides a whole host of WordPress functionality, including two new post types with their own taxonomies. All content is editable from the backend, and standard controls and interaction patterns provide for an intuitive experience.


With the site’s emphasis on high‐quality photography—often full‐screen—significant consideration was given to optimizing for bandwidth where possible. We used a progressive‐enhancement approach to keep base loads low, and only scale up image resolution for screens that can use it.